Introduction to Pytorch#

Workshop given on Aug 29, 2023 at the PoLBIAS Training school.

Event page:

Start JupyterLab#

The instrutions are taken and adapted from here

  1. Make sure to connect to TUD network using a VPN connection (Cisco VPN or OpenVPN), otherwise you will not be able to use any of ZIH HPC Services.

  2. Add your ZIH-Login to the HPC project, using the pre-shared link

    • this needs to be done only once

    • it may take up to two hours before your login is available

  3. Click this link to spawn a JupyterLab instance on the TUD ZIH Jupyter Hub.

    • You’ll be requested to login using your TUD Account

Afterwards, once the notebook has opened:

  • If asked to select a Kernel: Confirm suggestion (Python 3) with “Select”.

  • execute the first cell, with SHIFT+ENTER

  • this will link the conda environment we prepared for you to your user folder. Follow any instructions in the notebook.

The data required to execute the notebooks is located at /projects/p_scads_trainings/BIAS/dsb2018 and has to be integrated into your clone of this repository (which should reside in your home directory after clicking the above link to launch jupyter Hub).

  1. Create a directory named data in the top level of this repo (i.e. on the same level the *.ipynb* notebook files and this README are located).

  2. Copy the data to the freshly created directory using cp -r /projects/p_scads_trainings/BIAS/dsb2018 $PWD/data

As a backup solution, the data can be downloaded as a zip file from the stardist github repository.

Questions, concerns or feedback?#

Please file an issue through the issue tab.