This regroup a collections of introduction notebook for the cours on the py-Clesperanto librairy for image processing.

Installation instruction for pyclesperanto-prototype#

First create a virtual environment:

mamba create -n myenv python=3.9
mamba activate myenv


  • You can replace myenv by the name of your choice.

  • You can replace python=3.9 by the version of python you want to use.

Then install the packages:

mamba install -c conda-forge pyclesperanto-prototype

or using pip:

pip install pyclesperanto-prototype



mamba install -c conda-forge ocl_icd_wrapper_apple


mamba install -c conda-forge ocl-icd-system

No OpenCL device compatible (no GPUs found)#

mamba install  oclgrind -c conda-forge


mamba install  oclgrind -c conda-forge

Other issues?#

Please go have a look here and call for help if possible.

Installation instruction for pyclesperanto#

WARNING: this is still under development, but we are looking for testers and people to start using it for improvement and feedbacks.

First create a virtual environment:

mamba create -n myenv
mamba activate myenv

Then install the packages:

pip install pyclesperanto

Note: no mamba recipe is available yet.

Notebook update#

If you want to try the ongoing development version of the librairy with these notebooks, you will have to update the import line of the library and remove the _prototype to:

import pyclesperanto as cle