Stefan Hahmann#


Hi! My name is Stefan.

Originally, I studied geodesy at HTW Dresden. Towards the end of my studies, I focused in geoinformatics.

During my professional career, I continuously developed software tools in different domains mainly in Java, but also using PHP, JavaScript, R and Python. Before moving to academia, I developed tools for geomarketing. I did PhD at TU Dresden, where I investigated the relationship between space and semantics of social media data. During my Postdoc, I worked at Heidelberg University, where I contributed to the route planning service and at Fraunhofer IVI, where I contributed to Mobikat, a decision support tool for fire departments, rescue services and police.

Since 2022, I work as a research software engineer for the Bio-image Analysis Technology Development group (BiA-PoL) at the DFG Cluster of Excellence “Physics of Life” at TU Dresden. I am developing plugins for the image analysis software Fiji and workflows for the image analysis software Napari, where currently most of the time I am extending the (cell) tracking module Mastodon.

Blog posts#