Why we blog#

Robert Haase, May 30th 2021

Bio-image analysis is an emerging field. New technological developments in the middle ground between microscopy and data science emerge rapidly and new ways for processing image data change the way how we do research in biology and biophysics. As it is challenging to keep track of all the new developments, we need to share efforts with other groups world wide in exploring and exploiting new algorithms, software, plugins and libraries. We start blogging here in 2021 because there is knowledge to share which is too casual for a scientific publication and too substantial so that it cannot be expressed in a tweet. In our blog we will explore technologies, teaching material, web services, data sets, online resources, products and any kind of digital asset of bio-image data science. And we will share what we discover openly accessible to our local collaborators and readers world-wide in this blog.

If you have feedback or suggestions, if spotted a typo, broken link or misleading explanation, please get in touch via a github issue or pull request so that we can fix it. Contributions are very welcome.

Enjoy reading!

Robert Haase

Group Leader, Bio-image Analysis Technology Development
DFG Cluster of Excellence “Physics of Life”, TU Dresden
Am Tatzberg 47/49, 01307 Dresden