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Hi! My name is Mara and I studied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at TU Dresden. During my studies, I learned more about animals, plants and microbes and how they work than about computers. But in the context of the module, Bioinformatics, I had a very engaging lecture about Bio-image Analysis held by Robert. This gave the impulse for me diving deeper into computer science and image analysis.

In 2022, I became part of the Bio-image Analysis Group of Robert Haase at Physics of Life (PoL) in Dresden. First as a student assistant, now as a research assistant. My aim is to increase my knowledge about image analysis in python. I am excited about this interdisciplinary work and would like to facilitate and increase the exchange between computer scientists and biologists.

Below is an index with all blogposts I already wrote, which will be updated with content every now and then.

Enjoy coding!

Blog posts#