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Image Analysis in Python from a Biologist for Biologists#

About Me#

I’m a Master Student in molecular bioengineering (in your university it’s probably called some combination of technology, biology and engineering) and have become interested in image analysis when I had a lecture on it. It seems that image analysis is becoming more and more commonplace in biology labs as microscopy and antibody stainings are becoming easier to use and more accessible. However I have decided to dive in the deep end and want to get used to image analysis in python, which in comparison to other tools like cellprofiler and ImageJ is much more coding based. This is a steep learning curve especially for biologists that have not coded for long, but the tools that are available in python allow the implementation of really advanced functions as well as cutting edge techniques. So to take away some of the burden of getting used to python this is a resource for biologists and other scientists, sharing things I have learnt and resources I used to get into programming in python.

Below you’ll find an index of topics that I’ll cover, which will be updated with content every now and then. All resources I’m using will be linked to or are available in the github repository of this Blog!

Getting into Image Processing with Python#

Other Interesting Stuff#